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Devil Women From Mars



Renegade rock’n’rollers abducted in 1957

Becky McCann – vocals & bass
Jane McSween – vocals & keys
Peter Daffy – vocals & guitar
Jordy Hickey – drums

Renegade rock’n’rollers abducted in 1957… Martian political intrigue ensues. Long story short, more than 60 years on, the Devil Women are back & simply don’t know where the time went
The Devil Women are a renegade earthling rock’n’roll band who were abducted by the Martian called Nyah, whilst driving home from a rock and roll dance in the late spring of 1957.
Nyah transported the quartet by spaceship to Mars with the intention of selling rock’n’roll to the red planet. Martians had become so narcissistic & distracted by petty infighting that they had lost the ability to party or dance without the help of synthetic drugs.
Unfortunately, the earthlings proved to have the wrong skin colour for the conservative Martian pop music market so Nyah decided to steal the bands’ riffs and melodies and synced recorded samples of the Devil Women’s singing voices to some Martian teenage actors who mimed the music well enough to have many chart-topping hits on the Red Rock Hit Parade.
Space freight costs from Earth to Mars had become very expensive in 1958 due to political unrest.
Nyah had made a small fortune from the Devil Women’s songs but had no intention of paying any royalties and organised to have the band snap-frozen in preparation for dispatch to the blue planet…
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